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5 Questions to Succeed in 2022

by Coach Donna Stott

After 35 years of selling real estate and 15 years of Coaching Agents and Broker, this is what I know for NOW:
There are 5 REALLY important Questions to answer BEFORE you start setting goals for 2022.  
And you need a LITTLE data before you answer the questions.
Data to collect first: 
What was my “best year in the business” so far… my previous PEAK year?
For that Peak Year -  What was my volume, number of sales, structure (agents on team/staff) income GCI, and Profit (Profit is what you paid taxes on for your 1099 that year)
Once you have that, here are the 5 Questions to answer BEFORE you start goal setting for 2022:
1. What does YOUR next “PEAK” look like in the future?  
Note that it doesn’t have to mean more numbers… it may be LESS!
2. Ideally, when would that next “PEAK" HIT (next year, 5 yr plan, 10 yr plan)? 
3. What would the pieces of YOUR unique Puzzle Structure need to be addressed in this next “PEAK" (staff, agents, price, commission, transaction fees, where does the biz come from, etc?)
4. What would 2022 need to look like... as part of the progression towards this new “PEAK.”
5. What do you need to LET GO OF to create a void for THIS to fill it?
Without answering these questions no matter that happens in 2022, you won’t KNOW if it was a success.   Without this clarity, you may be simply shooting in the dark.
You see, as Maria Nemeth says: Success is doing what you said you’d do, consistently, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. 
It starts with saying what you will do. 
And to do that, you need to have clarity about why your goal is important… what part does it play in the bigger picture? 
So that you can FOCUS on it to the exclusion of all the other “stuff” that is constantly put in front of you all the time.  THIS clarity and focus will create the Ease and Grace that are the other elements of Success.
Questions on this?
Join me for The Coach is In on Thursday at 3pmET to ask them - Zoom ID 7707-26-1256

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