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coach donna stott coach mike stott netweaving robert s. littell your coaching matters Feb 15, 2022

Get REALLY GOOD at F.O.R.D. and use it with everyone you talk to.

F. How’s the Family? (Listen for NEEDS you can help with or refer them to someone who can help – *Netweave)

O. How’s Work/Occupation? (Listen for NEEDS you can help with or refer them to someone who can help – *Netweaving. A LARGE majority of people are moving due to needing more workspace at HOME. Ask.)

R. What are you doing for FUN? (Listen – is there an opportunity for a 2nd home or move to the Golf Course rather than drive across town to get there?)

D. The DREAM conversation… If you could get X for your home, where would you move to next? What is the DREAM you have about your Next Home? IS it possible now? It’s up to YOU to tell them.

  1. *NetWeaving is more than just Networking, it’s helping others by listening to their needs and builds trust.

85%+ of business comes from PC/COI or referrals from them OR direct from having a listing (like sign call or open house). 

We’re here if you would like to know more about F.O.R.D. or NetWeaving. If you’re a Member, just bring it up during Tuesday’s Coach is IN. If you’re not a Member yet and need some more information, click HERE.
*The book NetWeaving is available with permission from the Author Robert S. Littell. If you would like a copy of NetWeaving by Robert S. Littell, email Donna at [email protected]