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Lead A Day Club 11.02.2020

lad lead a day Nov 02, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

MORE THAN EVER it is time to PRE-PLAN next year’s Goals

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Action: Create your Business Plan step-by-step in the first 2 weeks of November. Spend 28 minutes a day on it in addition to generating leads for 28 minutes. 
Why do this NOW? Because you NEED November and December to PRACTICE the new Habits you will need for next year.
Starting now means you not only dream BIG, but you have the time needed to create the systems and habits necessary to reach next years goals AND practice those systems through the rest of this year
Remember... most of the work you do in Nov and Dec pays off in the 1st Quarter of the following year.

Step one in setting goals is looking at what you did this year.

Spend your 28 minutes today identifying as closely and truthfully as possible the following:

  1. How many closings will you have this year?
  2. How many listings will you carry forward as inventory for next year?
  3. How many people are in your Database of Past Clients, Centers of Influence (this may include some vendors you use often), and unlisted/sold Leads?
  4. What % of increase would you be THRILLED to say Yes to in the next year in each of these areas?
  5. What would those numbers add up to?

SAMPLE - YES It is this Simple

15 closings

5 listings carrying forward

235 in my Database

22% increase = (round up)

19 closings

7 inventories to carry forward

286 in my database

Does that excite you? No? Add another 22% for the following year and build it out for 5 years.

Does THAT excite you? In this example that would mean 42 closings in 5 years.

Save this information for an exercise I'll give you later this month.


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