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Creating a new habit is like....

coach donna stott creating a new habit ycm latest Oct 27, 2020

I took a note recently. It's what I do... I write things I am listening to on pieces of paper or in an open email.  Could be a speaker, could be a show, could be a coaching call... It's a habit I've created. 

I am not sure where I was when I took this note. It's on a bon appetite long narrow paper that says "shopping list" at the top, lol. Something the magazine must have sent me with an invoice or an offer. 

It says "Creating a New Habit is Like" at the top. And then has a #1, 2 and 3 listed below.  

#1 says - Like moving boulders and taking out trees and removing shrubs from a new path to get to ________*  (that apparently meant to get to whatever new place you want to be with your new habit)

#2 says - Like trudging through the messy path made by the tree and boulder and shrub removal in mud up to your knees and with debris all around and picking up the rubbish a bit more each time to go to _______*

#3 says - Like continuing to weed and smooth down the new path with your repeated trips there, creating drainage away for water that builds up when needed, removing the remaining sticks and small rocks that are still in the way....

Until the path is smooth and taken with ease to get to ___________*


What do you see here about a new path you may want in your life?

I'd like to hear from you. [email protected]


PS - I thought by writing this I'd remember where I wrote this down... but I didn't.  Thank you to whomever I was listening to as I jotted down these notes.