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Lead a Day Club 07.01.2021

lad lead a day Jul 01, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Here's something that will help with your challenge from yesterday! Call 14 people in 28 minutes with a survey. A QUICK survey. You only have 28 minutes. Go FAST - Call anyone you know a number for. Friends, family, leads, neighbors. I don't care. The survey question:

If you were to move, would that next move be more likely in

A. Less than 1 year

B. 1-5 years

C. Over 5 years

No matter what they answer, say Thanks! And go to the next call. DO NOT ENGAGE IN A SALES CONVERSATION... YET.

Yes, call those that answer A back later today... Then the B's tomorrow. But the key is to do a lot of these surveys fast.

Eliminate the But's for the 2nd half of this year to win big.

No But. Just Do.


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