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I asked him: “What’s the #1 best source of new business right now?”

live 3-step strategy workshop Aug 20, 2020
Hey, it’s Donna Stott.
I was on the phone with my friend Andrey the other day. You may know him from his Annual Get Listings Summit or his Get Listings Academy.... and we were talking about how to get Listings. Which is all of our #1 issue right now, right? 
And I ask him: “What are you seeing is the #1 source of new listing business right now?  I mean...if I could wave a magic wand and have every Agent start doing ONE thing, what would it be to get the best results?”
He had an answer right away.
(A bit surprising)
Here is the bullet point version I scribbled down of his answer:
  • Put your COI, PC, and Lead Database into a spreadsheet
  • Upload that spreadsheet into Facebook as a “Custom Audience”
  • Record a short video every week that is helpful or informative to YOUR group
  • Promote the video to the Custom Audience for $1-5 a day
  • Rinse and repeat 
SO I said: “Come on Andrey... less than $5 a day??  Does this really work?”
This is what he told me:
“Not only does it work. But it works for any agent, in any market. Regardless of your experience… your market… or your budget.”
So I asked him: “You know me Andrey, I am VERY SKEPTICAL... Do you have any examples of this ACTUALLY working?”
So he shared a few examples....
“Sure, Kevin Kauffman in AZ does about 400 deals per year with his team. This specific strategy I just shared with you is their #1 source of new business.
OK, Andrey... So that’s Kevin with a team and big budget.
And he said: Then there’s Maggie Arnold. She’s a student of mine. A bit older. Never done something like this before.
She followed my plan, and got her first listing in a few weeks:

So I say:  Andrey.... those are two very different extremes.
And he says:  I’ve got Michael Smith, in South Carolina.
He went on 3 listing appointments. Signed one listing. The other two committed to list in a couple months. And he closed a buyer. He’s generated about $28,000 in GCI so far.
See, Donna?  -- It really works.”
Looking for the catch, I followed up with: “Are you saying hey did that just following the by bullet points you laid out before?”
His reply:  “Well, yes and no. 
They are doing what I shared with you.
You asked me if I could get all agents to do just one thing, that would be it.
What Maggie, Michael, and others are using is a 3-Step Strategy I’ve tested and proven to work right after all this craziness hit.
It’s a 3-Step Strategy for generating inbound listing leads and listing appointments quickly.
So yes, they are doing that. 
It’s sort of like an expanded version of the bullet points I shared...
 But it works to get listing clients from outside of your database or sphere TOO.
Out in your market in general.”
"OK Andrey... I am interested in hearing more"  

I said, “Is this something you can teach to my people so they can do the same?”
“Yes, of course. I’d love to” he replied.
I’ll give you more details soon, but for now, here’s what I want you to know:
On Thursday, August 27th, Andrey and I are co-hosting a LIVE WORKSHOP during which he is going to lay out everything in this 3-Step Strategy for getting inbound listings quickly.
Here’s the link to register your free seat: Click Here to Save Your Seat
He went on to explain how right now, before the September wave of autumn business, is a key time for agents to get this going.
He promised to lay it out for us, step-by-step.
He calls it “blueprint style”.
So we know exactly what to do, in what order.
No guess-work.
If you want more listings, then please make it to this live workshop and let's see what Andrey has to show us. 
It’s free, it’s next Thursday, it works.
Be sure to CLEAR your calendar for this 2-3 hour INTERACTIVE LIVE WORKSHOP - Yes, ask questions throughout! 
This is FREE and worth thousands… Rare opportunity to just show up and learn what you need to know!
Click Here
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