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"Truth is a perspective, but authenticity cannot be counterfeited."

coach donna fleetwood monkey mind truths your coaching matters Dec 14, 2021

By Coach Donna Fleetwood

We often think we know the truth, only to find out that the buyer, the seller, or the co-broke have their own truth. Have you ever thought of something as true and then you learned something that gave you a new perspective? 

When we have a seller who thinks the truth is that Real Estate agents make too much money, is that true? It is to them… 

You can take the simplest thought such as the sky is blue and ask, how can anyone argue with that? And yet there is proof that humans did not “see” the color blue until modern times, they registered it as green. Go ahead, google it! That’s how to find the truth right? How often do your clients find a Real Estate insight on the internet and tell you it must be true!  

Our brains are not perfect boxes of logic. Monkey mind is constantly interfering with our perception. Can we trust ourselves to discern the truth? It’s deep work to be willing to open ourselves up to our own thought process.  

What we can be sure of is our own authenticity and honesty. Are we living into our life’s intentions? Are we staying on the green card? Are we setting the arena with clarity? A profound sense of realness is conveyed to our clients when live into our highest values.  Monkey mind wants us to fight perspectives of truth that don’t match ours. Wow, we are seeing that get out of hand all over the world! It’s one of the greatest hindrances to growth in our business.  

There is a language process that can add structure to your conversations and reveal the client’s “truth" 

  1. Acknowledge their perspective. “I hear what you are saying” "That could be true” “I see where you are coming from”. 
  2. Tell me more.  
  3. Ask clean questions. “What’s important about that? "What would you like to have happen?" 

Once you have written down some of the things they have revealed, you can move on with a supportive dialogue that will lead to the right conclusion for them. (You can find these dialogues in YCMpedia) If you don’t know the answer, tell them you will get the answer. No matter how much we study. or how much experience we have, we will never know everything or be an expert in all things but “Authenticity cannot be counterfeited."