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Lead A Day 9.14.2020

lead a day Sep 14, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


Wonder if you can make a mistake today?


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Your job today is to make a mistake.

Go mess up a script or conversation starter. Don't try to obviously, but do as many and as fast as you can to mess up.

THIS is the day to stick your neck out.

Try to set an appt to go see a FBSO's house.

Try to get into an old or new Expired listing that is CLOSE to your house on the way home.

TRY to call OLD leads and see how many have already bought or listed.


Here is the secret....Shhhh...... The people who make the most mistakes make the most money.

You do know that Babe Ruth was ALSO the strike-out champ, right?


The related personal crazy Lead Gen story:

Mike's office did a caravan office tour once on the WRONG property. The listing agent couldn't be there and there was a typo on the address. The sign wasn't up yet. So, a large group of agents in 4-5 cars show up, knock on a door and say "We are here to see the house and marches in." And... the foreign owner just lets them all in wandering the house and taking notes.

Later the listing agent figures out what happened.... their seller was upset no one showed up... and went to the neighbor to apologize. The neighbor said "how much did they think it was worth? And when he found out... he listed too."

Yep, that.


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