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Lead A Day Club 12.16.2020

lad lead a day Dec 16, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Are you ready for 2021?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

OK... we're NOT going to lead generate with our 28 minutes today. Nope... don't do it. (Makes you want to, doesn't it? Don't tell ME not to!)

Yes, follow up with anyone you've promised to.... But for 28 minutes right NOW, we're going to close our eyes and VISION Next Year. A brand spanking new fresh year that is HIGHLY LIKELY to be better than THIS ONE - right??

Get a piece of paper to peek at and jot notes when you need to. Set a timer for 28 minutes and do this:

Imagine next year unfolding perfectly. Imagine each month. The listing leads you to generate. Buyer leads you generate.

Imagine following-up perfectly for that person... in the variety of ways you have to connect now in our world and EASILY setting appointments.

Imagine being FULLY PREPARED for those appointments and going in with absolute confidence.

Imagine the effortlessness of asking for and getting signatures.

Imagine all the listings selling right away and all the buyers buying on the first trip out.

Imagine the transactions being SO WELL MANAGED they flow smoothly. All challenges are easily handled.

Imagine those clients being so grateful they tell everyone about you... and every transaction creates another 2 or 3 transactions.

---- What was it like? Are you ready to have that? What would it take?

Enjoy that 28 minutes... and then if you want to lead generate the next 28 minutes... go right ahead :)

You have my permission.