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Lead A Day Club - 11.18.2020

lad lead a day Nov 18, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

We know you have been waiting for this day! Today... a little more than a week before a holiday... is the PERFECT time to call on some For Sale By Owners to see if they have sold the home... or have any offers on the house! (no, they don't)

Your job is to get an appointment to come see the house and find out all the details.

Look, we all get Buyers that call us through the holidays... they are off work and want to look at homes! What better of a reason for you to have SEEN all the For Sale By Owners that are:

* Within a few miles of your office

* In the same neighborhood as a listing you have or had this year.

* In the same neighborhood/are as a buyer you have is looking NOW... or that you sold earlier this year... or have coming in later this year!

Questions for them:

Why are you selling now?

What's great about the home that you don't see in the pictures?

What do you love about that house that you hope your next one has? What are you happy to leave behind?

Have you chosen your next home?

If you don't sell it on your own, by when would you consider hiring a Realtor to professionally market it and expose the home to more buyers?

If I brought a buyer, have you built in some commission for a buyer's agent, or do I need to add that to your asking price?

Give it your all. It's just 28 minutes (or as much as you can give it today)


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