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Lead A Day Club 11.17.2020

lad lead a day Nov 17, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

As we go into the holiday weeks you may have an old story about who does or does not do business this week. I'm here to tell you I AM INTERESTED in the stories that have Sellers Listing and Buyers BUYING this week! How about you?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

We get what we're looking for. So, LOOK for business.
THIS is the perfect day to make a list of every Seller Lead and every Buyer Lead you have, who you expect to list or buy (or both) in the next 0-12 weeks. It's a big list if you'll just work on it.

Spend 15 minutes filling the list as fast as you can. Then spend the remaining 13 minutes reaching out to the hottest on the list... those you think are possible for the next 10 days. Your job?

Set an appointment to get together…. in person or by FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever else you use for face to fact without being fact to face…. with as many as you can.

Schedule appointments for the rest of the year OR do not hesitate to schedule for after Jan 2nd! 

BOOK yourself with LOTS of appointments. (Which you will verify before you go on)

Boy, that is going feel pretty darn good. Having that list of business coming up! And furthermore, everyone that tells you "not yet" between now and the end of the year gets to go on your new list to call in January. 

Getting anyone on that list is a HUGE WIN!



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