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Lead A Day Club 11.04.2020

lad lead a day Nov 04, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Are You Still Learning?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

A lot of our Lead-a-Day-Club actions the rest of this year will be around looking back... and forward.

Today's action is to look back at each of the following and make a list of each:

  1. Active Listings
  2. Listings that Sold and are pending or closed
  3. Listings that did NOT sell and expired or withdrew
  4. Buyers that are pending or closed
  5. Hot Leads you are working with now
  6. And if you have a list, Buyers who did NOT buy with you this year and Listing Appointments you did NOT get.

Next, write next to each one, Something you learned... or NEED to learn from each.

Might look like this:

2343 Bryant Lane - Learned how lucrative open houses can be! Need to Learn how to price right the first time, even in an area I don't know so well, so we don't need so many reductions.

1874 Jones Drive - Learned how fast a well-priced listing can sell. Need to Learn how to prepare a Seller for a fast sale so they don't freak out about it.

1492 Columbus Ave - Learned I need to be better prepared for listings. Need to Learn how to better use my pre-listing Questions.

Get it?

What this will do for you:

1. You will find some people you need to follow up with. They may be ready NOW! (Wow, you mean I'll find a LEAD? Yep.)

2. Will give you confirmation of all you Learned this year.

3. Will identify what you NEED to learn.

Now, schedule what you need to learn in your calendar for the next 6 weeks. BE READY Jan 1, 2021 to have the best possible year of your career... and NOT repeat any mistakes.


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