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Lead A Day Club 10.26.2020

lad lead a day Oct 26, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

This career is a blessing. Are we treating it as such?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Seriously... what did we do to get ready for our real estate careers? Yes, a very few of you went and got a 4 yr or master's degree in business or in real estate... but not many.

Most of us put very little into "earning the right" to be a Real Estate Agent. It's simply a blessing in our lives.

Today, spend 28 minutes calling those you are grateful for related to your career. Perhaps your first Broker or Manager. And your first few clients ever. Maybe even your first few co-op agents or vendors that worked with you.

If you can't remember those, then call the LAST ones that have blessed your real estate career.

We challenge you today to be in a state of Grace. Grace brings unexpected or unearned blessings. Be open, express gratitude, and see what happens. We can't wait to hear.


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