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Lead A Day Club 10.16.2020

lad lead a day Oct 16, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Who is supporting you?

Are you using that support to your full advantage?


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Spend 5 minutes of your 28 today writing down who supports you. Your staff, your vendors, your coaches, your manager, your past clients and raving fans... your friends, your family...

Write them all down.

Now... for the rest of the 23 minutes contact those people and thank them for their support. Ask how you can support THEM more. This may turn into them asking you how they can support YOU more.

I guarantee they will have YOU top of mind when they need to refer someone to an agent next.

This ONE 23 minute action could create more deals for you over the next 12 months than ANY OTHER ACTION you take.

Hint: Schedule this one for each 6 months as a repeating event in your calendar. It's fun and you get to help more people. How much better can it get?

WE can support YOU TOO. 
How about you try Group Coaching for the next 2 months … it’s $49/month and we’ll waive the $50 set up through the end of October! 
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