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Have a Plan in your Calendar and Work It Daily!!

coach donna stott coach mike stott do it - move it - delete it mastering time management your coaching matters Feb 16, 2022

This doesn’t have to be Rocket Science. Know what you are going to do each day. Put in your Calendar the exact time you will take the actions.

Then Do it, Move it, Or Delete it.

We have found out if it’s not in your Calendar it will not get done. Or at least, it will not be done with a sense of Success. Often, we doubt the work we have done if it’s not tracked. Tracking is a way to Look, See, and Tell the Truth. (we’ll have more on that in a future blog post)

WOW, isn’t this GREAT TIMING??

Coming up this Friday (February 18th at 1:30 ET) is a FREE LIVE Webinar on “Mastering Time Management”.

Not a good time for you? We will have two additional FREE LIVE Webinars on Monday February 21st at 1:30 ET and Tuesday February 22nd at 1:30 ET.

The Mastering Time Management Course starts February 23rd.

However, you must register to attend any of the three FREE LIVE Webinars. Click a link below to register.

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