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Get involved the Community!

150tolife coach donna stott coach mike stott your coaching matters May 25, 2022

Get involved the Community you want to work in (where most of your 150toLife VIPs are or where you WANT them to be) – with a GIVING heart to SERVE.

Magic happens when you give from your heart. Opportunities simply unfold, often without you asking even!

One of our 150 to Life Members has been meaning to join as a Board member of his HOA where the average price is 30-50% higher than what his business average was. He wanted more of his VIP’s to be in this area where he lived. But he was SUPER BUSY last year doing a lot of business that was below his minimum standards… any business that came along.

(Can I Hear a: “Yeah, I do that too??”)

 Let me tell you what happened when he Freed up some TIME ENERGY…

In December he got serious about 150toLife and is Minimum Standards and referred FOUR people that just “came along” but did not fit his new standards out to other agents. With some of the TIME PROFIT he earned by not running around all over for low-end, far-away business, he joined his HOA and a program called SNAP that helps Seniors in his large area to get to Dr. Appts, oversee vendor repairs, pick up groceries and just Check on them when needed. 

The Group’s FIRST ASK of him is to do a Presentation for these Seniors on “How to Prepare your Home for Sale.”  

He has also had TIME to contact his VIP’s and has NINE HOT LEADS to start the year with, all of which are MUCH higher in price and CLOSER in area than most of his business last year.

He is pretty happy with this plan so far!

Need some other ideas about Community involvement?

We posted March 25, 2021 about getting to know local movers and shaker and giving back. Some ideas were sponsoring children’s sports teams, volunteering at charity events, or even sponsoring an adopt a pet clinic.

Click HERE to read for more information on 150toLife and how to sign up for the 150toLife Course.