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August Warm Fuzzy

warm fuzzies Aug 01, 2022

Every year Donna and I plant our Garden in our yard here in Holly Springs GA.  We have two keyhole-raised beds and have grown delicious tomatoes, potatoes, beans, squash, strawberries, blueberries, peppers, cilantro, onions, and more.  We compost, turn the soil, sprout the seeds, weed, capture the bugs, and plant.  Today the beans and tomato plants stand taller than me. We love the time harvesting especially when we are with one or more of our eight grandchildren.  They get to learn about the taste of fresh produce and experience the joy of watching things grow.  One of them asked why we work so hard in the garden.  I replied because it's a joy to see the seeds that we planted become something we love. 

We don’t plant fruit or vegetables we don’t like and I got to thinking about that question I was asked by my grandchild:  "why do we work so hard …?”  and I realized that it isn’t “hard” at all because we enjoy it so much and get to see the results of what we planted.  A great real estate transaction is the same way - it's not work, because we love what we do and the results we see!  We give expert information, and options to our clients, and show them how to accomplish their goals of Buying or Selling.  Then they make the best decision for themselves and their families! the result: happy client.