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Special Tuesday edition of Monday News You Can Use - 09.06.2022

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use Sep 06, 2022

Canary in the Real Estate Coal mine has been San Diego for Decades - this video explains housing's hot market and return to normal. I like the “starter home concept.”

More on the new normal - with rates higher (but still great rates historically) price appreciation will slow down. 

Misleading headline designed to get readers - it could have said - "Home Sellers still getting 99% of asking prices". 

Generally not a fan of housing as an investment even Goldman Sachs is saying prices will only flatten 

MLS listed homes sell for more (send this to all your prospects) 



Something cool to lets your clients children occupy themselves 
(Buy a couple as the kids love it as a gift!)

Carson MicroMini 20x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope
with Built-In UV and LED Flashlight


The MicroMini is an Easy to Use LED Lighted Pocket Microscope with a Keychain Attachment;
Magnification: 20x Power ; Extremely Lightweight, Portable and Compact Design.



Conversation Advancer of the Week:

I don’t want to give it away.
And I certainly don’t want you to ‘give it away’ either. 

So when you bought this home for $250K 7 years ago, did you ever think that your home would almost double in value in such a short period of time?

Congratulations you won a real estate lottery! 

And so when the market price appears to be closer to $510K (as the buyers are telling us), are you really giving your property away? Why don’t we take a look at how you can best take advantage of today’s market and get exactly what you’re looking for.


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