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Monday News You Can Use!

monday news you can use! Sep 21, 2020
  • Wow- 52% of 18 to 29-year-olds live at home but 23% is due to colleges closing. Interesting how it’s spun.
  • Send to everyone - Cost-Effective improvements for your home. I Liked the landscaping
  • For your home flipper investors Notice the 41.3% return on Investment - this is not 41% on the purchase price but on the down payment - more details here - 1st Quarter 2020 - Average purchase price was $169700 - resale was $232,000 - assume 8% buying and closing cost ($18,500) Leaves $43,800 for repairs, improvements, holding costs, etc. 
  • Interesting article on potential evictions in 2021

Conversation Advancer: 

“I’m a year or so out from buying”

This is a stall - their monkey mind is just keeping them safe - ask a great question that brings them into the pre-frontal cortex

Just out of curiosity what’s magical about a year or so? If we could get you approved for a loan with these low-interest rates, get you into a great home, and show you how that’s cheaper than renting would you be willing to take a look?


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