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Monday News You Can Use 11.08.2021


Quick video on the state of the market! 
Families are moving to extreme climates to be able to buy homes. 
In case you haven’t heard - Zillow’s giving up on buying homes. 
Three staging hacks to help you sell for more money.

Tech Tip

 Buying a Refurbished Device

Buying a refurbished tech product will save you money compared to buying it new. It also gives a device a second life instead of sending it off to be recycled. And especially during these times when demand is high for all kinds of tech, buying refurbished is sometimes the only way to get your hands on a product when retail channels are strained or just completely out of new merchandise.
BUT how can you buy a refurbished device safely? 

Conversation advancer of the week:  

To use with a "For Sale By Owner" who is interested,
but hesitant because they may have a buyer on the hook:   

Wouldn't it be great if you could have your cake and eat it too? I have an idea you are going to like. 

List with me today and I will give you an exclusion on any buyer you find in the next two weeks. 
That will give you three advantages: 
  1. As soon as you agree to list, you will have leverage. You can call any buyers who have seen your house, or any new buyers you may find in the next two weeks, and tell them you can still sell privately to them if they are interested.
  2.  I will immediately prepare a thorough analysis, and you will know exactly how much a direct buyer would have to pay so you would come out ahead by selling to the buyer. That puts you in a very strong negotiating position!
  3. If you decide to sell to a buyer, we will suspend my listing until you close. If your sale goes through, you owe me nothing. If your buyer fails to close, I may have a backup buyer ready to close. That way you would be in a Win-Win situation,



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