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Monday News You Can Use 11.01.2021


Bad Press for our industry - commission scam lands a federal lawsuit. 

Wow! Very biased article - I like teams but he’s stretching. 

Is Chicago going to be underwater?

Rents Surging - why do higher prices affect renters more than buyers? It is because buyers pay principal and interest and are leveraged.  For example, if homes rise 10% in value from $400,000 to $440,000 the principal and interest payment (at 3 years and 3% interest) goes up $168 but $2000 rents rising 10% is $200 a month more. 


Tech Tip

Gas Buddy 
Save $$$ on gas!
Find the best prices with the gas map. Sort by price, location, and the important stuff like restrooms.

Conversation advancer of the week:  

We’re going to interview other agents!
I’m not going to say “work with me” because you already know I want you to do that. If you really want to find someone who will get you to (their motivation) like me, then listen carefully and make sure they are 100% clear on what you want to accomplish and someone who can prove their value like I showed you (the unique pricing tool, references, etc.) and who will be focussed on your goals not just making a commission.  I’ll call you on (just after their next appointment.)


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