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Monday News You Can Use 07.26.2021

monday news monday news you can use your coaching matters Jul 26, 2021

For your frustrated buyers - are Investors crowding out Buyers?
For everyone - Backyard Ideas that are fun and add value. Which one do you like best?
I’ve wondered this for 5 years -why not turn vacant commercial space into housing?


Tech Tip

Ultra Sonic Garage Parking Sensor

The Ultrasonic Garage Parking Sensor helps you park your car safely every time. Simply mount it to a garage wall with the included tape and press a button to set your desired location, from 6” to 6 ft. away from the sensor. When you pull into the garage, the green, yellow and red LEDs tell you when to slow down and stop.


Conversation advancer of the week: 

When someone gives you an appointment in a few days (NLP Future Pacing)
"Thank you for setting the appointment to see me for Saturday at 4:00. You’ll find our meeting very helpful to you.  
Now, since we’re not meeting until Saturday, sometimes other agents may be calling and bothering you and even pestering you to set an appointment.  And since the average agent sells only a few homes each year, if you make the mistake of setting an appointment with them, then you have a really good chance of meeting with an inexperienced agent who cannot really handle the more difficult parts of the marketing and negotiating process.

You are already aware of the importance of working with an agent who will get you the highest fair-market value possible, right?  Could it also be that the more that you think about how important it is to ... select the right agent ... you realize that your equity is at risk simply by making the wrong decision?  You can comfortably tell those other agents that you’ve chosen me to interview and offer to call them back after our meeting on Saturday.

So I look forward to moving you forward when we meet at 4:00 PM!" 
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