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Monday News You Can Use - 11.06.2023

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use Nov 06, 2023

Whew - what a week.  Don’t stress.  Get in touch with your people. 
Here’s what I wrote to our REALTOR(R) Association:

So - big news in the verdict of $1.7 billion that could triple against several large franchises and the National Association of Realtors.  What does this mean?
We don’t know. 
There’s going to be lengthy legal appeals and lots of fear-mongering and “the sky is falling” and gossip.  
Stay calm.
The truth is nobody knows how this will affect our business.
In our careers, we’ve seen “the end of real estate as we know it” several times: with MLS, fax machines, and franchises in the 70s and 80s, with the internet, e-signatures and dual agency in the 90’s and 2000’s; and with Covid recently. The end result: things change, but we persevere. We deal with the uncertainty knowing that as long as people want to live indoors, there’s a valuable service we provide. 
Talk with your brokers. Be positive. Feed your mind good stuff. Answer the questions your clients may have. (If you have questions, reply to this email, and we’ll compile them and work up some answers for you.) Get a really strong and quality buyer presentation that includes the GAR buyer representation form, answers their questions,  and shows the value you bring to the Buyer. 
Focus on what you can control - your thoughts and your actions.  
Yours in Service,
The Staff and Board of Directors 

Statement from NAR President Tracy Kasper

Real Estate Compensation Facts

USA TODAY Article 



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