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Monday News You Can Use - 10.30.2023

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use! Oct 30, 2023


You need to make over $400K a year to afford a home in these two markets!

Here is an example of a Misleading Headline. "The Rental Market’s Downward Slide: 5 Straight Months of Falling Rents". However, rents are $338 a month higher than 9/2019. It dropped 1.6% in the past 15 months or $29 a month to $1747 a month.

Scam Alert- Vacant land scammers are out there. I had someone try personally.

17 Renovations  that  bring joy - #2 is a No-No for me, but the closet renovations look interesting. 


Conversation Advancer of the Week:

Why do agents get paid so much money?

"With the amount of driving, marketing, and other fees that we have to pay in order to be agents and to sell real estate, the commission is not as much as it appears. Especially since we, as agents, are still paying into our company; they take a portion of our commission with each sale. When you factor in that we spend on average 100 hours per transaction, and the risk to you being nothing if we don’t do our jobs and get it sold it's really quite a bargain. If you feel its too much - I’ll be happy to reduce it by 50% if you are willing to pay that fee upfront.”







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