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Monday News You Can Use - 10.09.2023

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Gulp!!! Rates over 8%I have an accepted contract at 10.25%
And this may help investors  with their rentals 
10 Least expensive states to live
Unexpected consequences - tougher immigration laws = harder to find construction workers 


Conversation advancer of the week:


Another agent said they could get us more money

You need to have done your homework, run the stats,and know the numbers. "It’s not about what you say or what the other agent says; it’s about the market.”

“I hear you and get that netting the most money is vitally important. Here’s exactly what’s happening in the market. We have X houses on the market right now, and X houses selling per month. That means X months of supply for buyers to choose from. You told me you wanted to sell your house in X months — correct?

“With X properties coming on the market every month, wouldn’t you agree that accurately pricing the property is important today?

“Your home does have many upgrades and many of the houses I showed you have similar upgrades. That demonstrates what buyers are willing to pay. Do you have any reason to believe that buyers are offering more than the recent closed sales?

“The MLS data is all the same — but some agents will tell you what they think you want to hear just so they can get the listing because they’re desperate to land your business. I'm the agent that tells the truth and can justify your price to the buyers, their agents and the appraiser. What kind of agent do you want to work with?”


Tech Tip


Calendly is your scheduling automation platform for eliminating
the back-and-forth emails to find the perfect time — and so much more.



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