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Monday News You Can Use - 08.22.2022

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use your coaching matters Aug 22, 2022

Nationwide number of home sales down 20.2%  And median price rose 10.8% from July to July!  Do you know these stats for your service area? (Ours is down 36% in number of sales up 15% in median price)

What do you all think about this lawsuit?  Brand protection for real estate advertising.  This could lead to a kerfuffle. 

Is the market going to see declining prices? For builders maybe

5 Backyard Patio Ideas





Imagine you are a FSBO and receive a picture with VoiceOver telling
the seller much you like their house/ad/trees etc.  
Ice Breaker???


Conversation Advancer of the Week:

When you hear something SO WRONG!!!! 

Be gracious and spacious when encountering a belief that is wrong.

I often hear a FSBO or another client say something that is 100% wrong. The BACKFIRE EFFECT can come into play if I use the wrong language. Anything that is controversial can close off space and cause the client to get defensive and will even solidify their erroneous belief. Correcting misinformation hardens, rather than corrects, someones mistaken belief (just look at any comments on a controversial post on Facebook.) Try using “would you be willing to consider…” and "You may be right …” and “others thought that way and then found …” and experience the space and grace it allows. 


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