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Monday News You Can Use - 07.25.2022

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news you can use your coaching matters Jul 25, 2022

Rates inching up - expect more 
Home Builders predict price drops!  Low to medium single digits!
Interesting idea about a federal board to stabilize house prices 


Conversation Advancer:

Prospect: "I like what you say, but I’m not sure I’m ready to list right now. Need to stage, buy new countertops, clean my house, prepare..."

"That’s perfectly fine. And I think that may be a very healthy approach that will help us get you an even better price on the sale. So we don’t need to list it now. Instead, how about I warm up the market for you? I have a few buyer agents that might be interested in the property. I can create some buzz for your property before it’s listed and have some qualified buyers already lined up. When do you think you’ll be ready?


Tech Gadgets

Cools products for those of us (or our clients)
who have gang relatives at home - Share this with your clients


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