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Monday News You Can Use - 07.04.2022

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news you can use Jul 04, 2022

(From AZQuotes)

Reasons to believe rent prices will continue to rise - Buyers turn to renting and Rents up 14% 
Rates Down a bit.
Supply up 19% 


Conversation to Have with YOURSELF:

Why buy leads? 

Recent article about Open Door and Zillow Close rates - 1.7% and 1.8% - lets say Zillow charges $1500 a month for “10 to 15 Leads per month” (this was the last offer from Zillow for a zipcode I sell in)

So I might get 180 leads a year.  

Our average price is about $350,000 and average commission is about $9000.  So 3 to 4 closings could be expected from the 180 leads (but that’s the number that close not the number I close since most leads are sent to more than one agent.)

But let's say four deals close out of those leads. 4 closings times $9000 equals $36,000 in income.   $1500 a month to the lead source is $18,000 a year.  So the lead seller would say it is a 200% return on investment.

It is the equivalent of a 50% referral fee.  

AND it doesn’t factor in the time and effort spent on the 176 leads that didn’t buy.  Even if its just 30 minutes a lead that’s 88 hours of effort and if your time is worth $100 an hour that’s $8,800. Not much profit left is there? $9,200 less expenses.  

What if you took $18,000 and spent in on meaningful events and pop-by gifts for your past clients?



Tech Tip

Anyone using CURBIO.COM?

Pretty cool service although their estimates are on the high end.  
My experience with their people has been fantastic. 

Curbio, Pre-Sale Home Improvements. "We help homeowners and their agents renovate homes before listing: kitchens, bathrooms, painting, roofing, flooring, appliances, HVAC, landscaping, window and door replacement, and so much more."



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