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Monday News You Can Use - 05.02.2022

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If your city is bursting at the seams then the politicos may be looking at limiting development - 2nd half of article details woes for entry level buyers. 
Send to all your clients -its time to buy investment properties  Nice little article
A black eye for Redfin- paying $4,000,000 for a fair housing lawsuit. The Feds are coming after Real Estate businesses in many ways - this is one. 
Median price home costs 50% more to own this year than last year. 198% price increase + Mortgage rates rising will do that. Time for the conversation below. 
Decent article on ARM loans  Last line is the best. 
Prices not expected to decline but appreciation should slow.  

Conversation advancer of the week

With the rise in rates I can’t buy anymore. 

You could be right. Higher rates means it costs you more to own than before. And I suspect rents will go up too.  Lets look at the numbers If you were looking at borrowing $300,000 at 3.5% your principal and interest was $1348 a month.  Rates are as high as 5.5% now for 30 year fixed but 10 year Adjustable rates mortgages could be just what you are looking for - your rate is fixed for TEN YEARS - and the payment is $1502 at 4.4% - about $155 a month more - it hurts but it shouldn’t stop you from buying. Lets' chat with your lender to see what’s possible. 


Tech News

QR codes - easier than ever 

*Article by Sam Trimble

COVID-19’s impact has boosted the appeal of QR codes because they’re “touchless” and truly convenient. So, what Zoom has become for office meetings, these link-bearing graphics are doing for marketing materials and client engagement.

The tip of the iceberg: A QR code capability overview

I began using QR codes some years ago as a real estate agent in the West Texas town of El Paso. I now share my experience with agents, title companies, lenders and other industry leaders all over the country as a marketing technical director with WEST, a Williston Financial Group company.

You’re probably already thinking of ways to use them in your business, but here are a few of the things I linked QR codes to:

  • A PDF file such as a buyer or seller questionnaire, flyer or move-in estimate
  • A website (i.e. a splash page to promote an open house and then on cards inside the open house to things like a video describing outstanding upgrades, neighborhood highlights or my lender partner) 
  • A simple v-card to download your contact info with one click
  • A text message, email or telephone dialer queued up to contact me; I often asked them to scan it while we were talking so I could add them to my database for follow-up. (And keep in mind, you can pre-populate the text) 
  • A video file introducing myself or the origin story of my company (you can easily redirect it and regularly update it with a major new listing, some local information or other items to keep it current)
  • My Wi-Fi access info for anyone in your waiting area to scan and log in without having to drop what you’re doing to help them connect 
  • Prompts to follow my social media accounts or open a micro-site 
  • An FAQ flyer or video (for an easy way to stop and divert those frequent general information questions.

How to create your own QR codes

There are many QR code generators, and most have a free version and a paid version. I typically use Flow Code because of its ease of use and diversity of design options and functionality preferences. Another popular option is QR Code Monkey or Canva. Each has many super simple options and lets you create about a dozen custom codes to use immediately. 

In FlowCode you can add your logo, customize the color, make it circular, and more, including changing the barcode to stars, hearts, thumbs-up and several other options.

Their tracking features are really robust, too. On their dashboard, you name the code, pick how many destinations you want, though I still keep it to one to avoid overcomplicating by directing the link to multiple places. Then just paste in the link to your document, YouTube video, Google page, Facebook, text, email, Wi-Fi — whatever — save it and your QR Code is ready to go.

Download it and do whatever you want with it.

You can always go in and edit your QR code’s link. So feel free to print a code on the back of your business card or save it as a favorite image on your cellphone. You’ll be able to update the link to another address any time you want, for instance, to link to a video instead of a PDF, or a new website, etc.

Be sure to make your QR code stand out wherever you print or place it in a marketing piece, a sign on your desk or a business card. Make the benefit of what they’re going to do very clear. If it’s a giveaway, make sure they know to “Scan this to enter my giveaway” or whatever it might be. 

A boost to your review and testimonial generation 

As I wrote about in a previous Inman article, reviews really are the future currency of our businesses. With a QR code to facilitate a client going directly to your specific review pages (be it Google, Facebook, Zillow, or another site), you’re sure to have more clients leaving reviews and testimonials. 

The best time to ask for reviews is closing time, when they’re the most positive, most happy and most relieved. Have that QR code on your phone, and flash it to them right at the closing table. Why not get it done right then and there? There’s a good chance they’re going to open it up and leave a quick review for you. 

After these record-breaking years, we are missing the boat if we’re not gathering as many reviews as possible. Although this incredible market won’t last forever, your reviews will.

*Sam Trimble is a marketing and technology director at WEST, a Williston Financial Group company, in El Paso, Texas. Connect with him on Instagram or Facebook


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