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Monday News You Can Use - 04.10.2023

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Affordable and pretty places to live

Features that may help a home to sell - words in your descriptions matter. 

Everything anyone needs to know about buying or selling real estate in under 5 minutes :) Actually some decent advice in here

Interest rates are declining!

#1 is Probably not ADA compliant - Most popular houses this week.  



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 Conversation Advancer: 

Interest rates are too high. I’m going to wait until they come down.

You don’t live in an interest rate; you live in a house. What are a lot of buyers doing right now? They are waiting for rates to come down to some arbitrary number in their mind that may or may not happen.

 This is not 2008 all over again.  Mortgage rates recently decreased sone. This bodes well for buyers who will take advantage of these lower rates and decide to buy.  

We are not going to return to the pandemic interest rates that we got spoiled with over the last few years. The flip side of that is that while rates were low, buyers had to do all kinds of crazy things in addition to going way over asking price to get a home. Would you really want to go back to giving up contingencies, waiving appraisals, accepting a home in a condition that otherwise would have been accounted for in a repair negotiation and letting sellers stay in the property past closing while paying $100,000 over list price?

In the end, things even out. Isn’t it better to make an offer in a less chaotic setting where you may have some leverage with a seller when it comes to negotiating terms that are more balanced? Additionally, interest rate buydowns are a very popular concession that might be negotiated with a seller to lessen your monthly mortgage payment. Let’s discuss with your lender how this works and structure an offer accordingly. 


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