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Monday News You Can Use - 01.31.2022

monday news monday news you can use your coaching matters Jan 31, 2022

And Cities where rent pays more than the landlords' mortgages
These companies help you make an all-cash offer - at a price 

Tech Tip

Not Cheap (about $2000) but WOW - Orcam can read any printed page!
Read any printed or digital text, anytime, anywhere, at just the click of a button! Enjoy the morning paper, read your favorite books, keep up with your studies, be more efficient at your job, and so much more!


Conversation advancer of the week: 

Some Magic Phrases

Only speak when what you are about to say improved upon the silence
~Robert Greenleaf
Say this - “Would you be willing to discover your purchasing power in todays market?" Not "Are you prequalified?”
Say This - "Can we please test a price that is more competitive?”  Not "Will you lower the price?”
Say This - “We’ve agreed to buy your home.”  Not “We have an offer.”
Say This - “Based upon your wishes would you be willing to do me the courtesy of presenting an offer on your behalf?”  Not “Lets write it up!”


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