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Monday News You Can Use - 01.24.2022

monday news monday news you can use your coaching matters Jan 24, 2022

Rents see big uptick - buyers switching to rentals.
22 Interior design trends here to stay - I like reclaimed wood. 

Tech Tip

Spokeo is a people search website that aggregates data from online and offline sources to gather contact information.


Conversation advancer of the week:  

7 Ways to Respond to Don't call me or “No”

We have all heard these while we are lead-generating: “Take me off your call list,” “don't call me,” “I am not selling," "Please don’t call me again.” or “No!”

The typical agent has been trained to say “Next” and move on. However, there are other conversations that might be more fruitful.

And What does hearing these things mean to you?

What do you “hear" beneath it?

(They may answer: You are too expensive, I hate you, you are awful, never call again, realtors all suck, who do you think you are, go somewhere and die…. etc. 

They may answer: Not now, Not Yet, well maybe, Ask me again, etc.)

Let’s look at some different ways to sign off tactfully while sowing seeds for future business.

Which of these align most closely with your business goals and ethics?

1. Move on immediately “I’m sorry to have troubled you.” Pushy sales technique will most probably piss off the person you are talking to. And then add

“I owe you a favor, please feel free to call me anytime with any real estate related questions you or anyone you know may have.”

Then follow up with a short note mailed to them.

“I was sincere in my apology for bothering you and in owing you a favor – here are some cards so you can cash in that favor anytime.”

2. Be funny. A polite goodbye isn’t your only option. Depending on the circumstances, some agents might consider injecting a bit of humor into the mix. Some of us are very comfortable tossing in a humorous quip (not a sarcastic comeback):

“I know that _______, heck if you were interested in selling, you’d have called me! (Say this with a smile in your voice :-) 

“So, you are telling me there’s a chance?” (a reference to the movie Dumb and Dumber)

Agent: Not now or not ever? Homeowner: Not ever. Agent: Ever never? “How about now? :) “

Of course, jokes come at the risk of being taken the wrong way —— so choose wisely! You could always add a smiley and a “Just Kidding, thanks for your time!” perhaps making the exchange a tad more memorable.

3. Mention potential buyers (only if you have any) This creates at least a remote chance that the homeowner will bring up a neighbor who is thinking about selling, either immediately or in the future. If you can’t get them into the conversation you might ask:

“I really appreciate your input – would you be willing to share with me the two or three things you like best about living in our neighborhood so I could share them with my buyers?”

Then “I owe you a favor, please feel free to call me anytime with any real estate related questions you or anyone you know may have.”

Then follow up with a quick note mailed to them.

“Thanks again – your input made a difference – my buyers are still looking for a home in our neighborhood. I owe you that favor – here are some cards so you can cash it in anytime.”

4. Try again: “You probably get a lot of these calls, don’t you? You know, I get them, too, and believe me, I don’t like getting them any more than you do. But every now and then I listen because sometimes there is information out there that will benefit me. And this is that kind of call for you. Let me ask you a quick question… if you were going to sell what price would you need to move?”

5. Try a different approach:

“I get it you sound very busy. Would you be willing to have me call you back tomorrow or later this afternoon?”

6. If they say “I am on the do not call list” or something to that effect sincerely apologize.

“I’m sorry somehow I missed that” I’ll take you off this list if you like.”

Then send a follow-up mailing:

“I am so sorry I called at a bad time the other day and that your Do Not Call status got missed. I owe you a favor, please feel free to call me anytime with any real estate related questions you or anyone you know may have. Here are some cards so you can cash it in anytime.”

7. Send a thank-you letter. Thank-you letters — which, in this case, might be perceived as a polite and thoughtful apology — can telegraph character — not a bad way to be remembered. Some agents also recommend following up with print marketing.

The note would read something to the effect of: “Thank you for taking the time to speak to me, I am glad to hear that you are happy in your home. If your needs change in the future, please don’t hesitate to call.”

Then add these people to your regular follow-up for your sphere. The no today does not mean no forever.

A final thought: At a certain point no means no. The responses above give you a way to pierce through the monkey-mind objections people give without thinking. However, if you have said your piece and the person still objects, let it go. Nobody is going to buy or sell against their will. Come from a spirit of contribution and try to determine what your prospect is really concerned about.

Rule of thumb: If the prospect says an objection twice, it’s real. No means no.


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