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Monday News You Can Use - 01.17.2022

monday news monday news you can use your coaching matters Jan 17, 2022

Send to all your buyer leads - "Don’t wait to buy” Barbara Corcoran
Rents are more expensive than buying in every major city when you factor in appreciation  - Check out New York
Rates creeping up (contrary to the headline of soaring) to 3.45%
Not sure why this is an article in this market but easy to send to potential sellers

Tech Tip

Eases the process of getting testimonials

 With Testimonial Tree it’s easy to collect feedback from clients and share the best stories on social media, review sites such as Zillow, as well as publish them on the broker’s and agent’s websites. You don’t need to change a thing in your daily routine.


Conversation advancer of the week:  

I have a friend in the business

Outstanding - many of my clients do. How comfortable are you sharing your personal information with your friend? Your financial data is front and center in any real estate transaction. I'm pretty sure I don't want my friends knowing all that about me. You might also want to compare track records and get a second opinion. This is a big decision and sometimes talking tumor than one agent will make a decision easy. That makes sense, doesn’t it? I promise no high-pressure sales pitches. Just great information unthought options and some proven systems - you’ll make the best possible decision after we meet. Can it be Tuesday at 4:00 or Wednesday at 5:00?


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