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Lead A Day 8.25.2020

lead a day Aug 25, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


Your cup of leads can "runneth over" if you will spend 28 full minutes a day 5-6 days a week generating leads.
Do you believe that? Are you doing it?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Day Idea 3 of 3 looking ONLY for Listing Leads

Yep, going to ask you to stretch again. And you have 2 choices in this one.

Today we are going to look for leads in a neighborhood. Ideally you have a neighborhood you like to work with already in your database. Run a new CMA for the neighborhood and print it out.

Choice 1 - Call every number you have for that neighborhood as fast as you can in 28 minutes. (It's OK to go over if you're having fun or want to finish the neighborhood while you are rolling!) . Offer to email them the CMA, drop it off, or mail it to them. Which is better for them? While I have you on the phone, if you could change ONE thing about your house to make it perfect for your family would that be to A) Make it bigger B) Make it smaller, or C) Something else? C? OK, what would that be?

Choice 2 - Take 28 or more copies of the CMA and go door to door. Ask the same question.

My bet is 28 minutes of this and you have a lead. What do you bet?

We look forward to earning an interview to discuss Coaching. 
With programs from $49/month and up there is something for anyone who wants to GROW! 

Be sure to join our Lead a Day Club and Your Coaching Matters Facebook pages. 

lead is someone who is interested in buying or selling real estate.
Not EVERY daily Action to take will be “for you”. Just choose a different day's action!
28 minutes is uninterrupted. Set a timer.
* KEY: 80% of leads will NOT set an appointment on the first contact. Set the next contact date immediately, over and over! 

For more information about coaching or classes, please go to YourCoachingMatters.com




If you have any questions, please email 

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