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Lead A Day 8.24.2020

lead a day Aug 24, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

You likely signed up for this club PROMISING yourself to do the actions we suggest for just 28 minutes a day. Ready to stretch and get it done today?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Remember. It's Look-for-Inventory-Leads, Idea 2 of 3.


For Sale By Owners.

Fastest Source of Business Opportunity.

Doesn't matter if they are old ones you've contacted before, or new ones you find by googling it right now. ONLY those within 30 min of your office or less. Offer to come talk about how you can net them more money - they THINK they save $ without you. The fact is they LOSE money since the ave FSBO sells for 9-20% lower than using an agent. And our cost is what??

It's amazing with the market as HOT as it is, FSBO's still aren't selling at the rate of listed properties. We are listing and selling FSBO's and so can you.

Reach out to them, go meet them in person. Follow up RELENTLESSLY. And if they won't list right away, but you have rapport, get a commitment to list if it doesn't sell by (Date). Then again.... talk to them almost every day. YOU will be the only person calling on their house and YOU are the one that wants to get them the most $$ in their pocket.

It's 28 minutes, what do you have to lose?


We look forward to earning an interview to discuss Coaching. 
With programs from $49/month and up there is something for anyone who wants to GROW! 

Be sure to join our Lead a Day Club and Your Coaching Matters Facebook pages. 

lead is someone who is interested in buying or selling real estate.
Not EVERY daily Action to take will be “for you”. Just choose a different day's action!
28 minutes is uninterrupted. Set a timer.
* KEY: 80% of leads will NOT set an appointment on the first contact. Set the next contact date immediately, over and over! 

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