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Lead A Day Club - 02.09.2021 - Learning to Fail Level 2

lad lead a day Feb 09, 2021

There are 5 levels of Failure described in the book Go for No.
Mastering the 5 Levels will make your SALES SOAR! 
We move on to Level TWO today!

Level 2 is the WILLINGNESS to Fail.

-Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

The second level of Failure is the WILLINGNESS to fail. 

"When people develop the willingness to fail they come to accept that failure is a natural byproduct of seeking success. Fewer than 20% of people make it to this level for any sustained period of time."

Today we start SUSTAINED failure with our eyes OPEN and ACCEPTING of the thought: "This is part of the path of success."

It's NORMAL for people to say No. Did you make it the whole 28 minutes yesterday?

GREAT! Because today we do it again. The same exercise with eyes open and 100% receptive to NO.

Write out "NO is part of the path to success" and read it out loud between calls today.

Go for as many No's as you can get in 28 minutes. GO.
Remember, if you accidentally run into a yes, it's OK.

This may result in a lead today… or in the near future!