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Lead A Day Club 12.14.2020

lad lead a day Dec 14, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Did you know that in the next 2 weeks, the most SERIOUS of Sellers and Buyers are the ONLY ones in touch with you?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Good news! Yep... only the MOST SERIOUS of Buyers and Sellers are out there over the next 2 weeks! And even better... there is almost NO COMPETITION right now.

That's right... your competitors are not returning calls, not marketing, not posting about houses or buyers they need listings for... they are doing none of it.

All you have to do today is spend 28 minutes doing SOMETHING.

#1 - Pay attention. Who has reached out to YOU or what lead has come to YOU? FOLLOW UP LIKE CRAZY today.

#2 - Post a house for sale on your Facebook page. Your listing, or a listing you like that the listing agent OK'd you to post. Ask if anyone knows someone that might want to buy it.

#3 - If you have an active buyer, ask them if you can post about them and what they are looking for. Don't disclose who they are but put in something specific like "I am working with a nice young couple looking for their first home to buy before their baby comes in March... who do you know that might want to sell a house to this great young couple?"

28 minutes... if you do NOTHING else today, do those 3 things. No overthinking.