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Lead A Day Club 10.27.2020

lad lead a day Oct 27, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Want to have the easiest, most predictable, highest profit business?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

1 in 10 homeowners move each year, on average. That is 10 in 100. 50 in 500 and 100 out of 1000. Rarely do they know they will move 12 months before the move.

Your job today for 28 minutes is to find a minimum of 10 homeowners to ask the question: Do you plan to move in the next year. Understanding that most of them won't know the answer is yes. Then, schedule them for a next contact to check in again as appropriate. Could be soon if they say maybe... could be later (say 90 days) if they say "no way."

If you have 1000 homeowners in a database that hear from you personally on a regular basis and think of you as THEIR Agent without a shadow of a doubt, how many deals would you do a year, knowing you won't get them all no matter what?

Do you have the right number of homeowners in your Database to meet your goals? Do you contact them regularly and set up a next contact date without fail every single time? Do they know you'd LOVE to help them?

1000 x contacting personally an average of 4 times a year is 4000 contacts. Over 220 work days that's 18/day. Schedule it. Here's the secret to making this work:

Do it when scheduled

or move it to another spot in your schedule.

Or just (stab of pain) Delete what you said you'd do. Ouch.

Every day you skip (i.e. Delete it) is less chance you get a shot at them all.

How about we just do it.

PS - Want a course on Time Management? I have one now. Ask me.