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Lead A Day 9.9.2020

lead a day Sep 09, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


Your ATTITUDE about finding Leads is more important than what you do. Yep... HOW you do it, is more important than WHAT you do.


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

I decided to play along with you guys for a bit this month... every day I'm going to tell you how I generated a lead personally. True stories only. Hope you are willing to try what I did and have same or better results!

Getting a massage a few years ago I talked my therapist about the knots in my shoulders and back... yep, groaning about real estate stresses. I kept it positive saying things like "I've had that situation happen before and we solved it by doing X." And... "I know it will work out best for everyone." Of course, I didn't mention names or specifics.

This massage therapist called me a week later to say she and her husband were looking at some new homes and the salespeople there were telling them they had to contract now or price will go up in a week. We met them out there, and negotiated a sale in a nearby neighborhood.

How did I get the lead? Talked about the business and how I was handling a problem successfully with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

How about you try that today?


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