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Lead a Day Club 9.30.2020

lad Sep 30, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

End of 3rd Quarter!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

We end the 3rd Quarter of this year today and move into the final Quarter of this year. 

For our Lead a Day Club idea I’d like you to embrace the idea that you ARE a salesperson.  The secret is, EVERYONE is. 

Our success in life and business is determined by our ability to sell.  

Today for 28 minutes write down as many problems people have that you can support them solving.  Start with your leads… what problem is solved for them when you sell something for them or to them?

If you have no leads, then think of people you know. Don’t know anyone?  Then imagine a TYPE of person, like for sale by owner or expired or college graduate with a great job still living at home...

Now… contact the people with a problem and talk about the problem you think they have… is it accurate? If not, what problem DO they have… and how can you help solve it?

 This guys…. Is sales.  Don’t overcomplicate it.

Happy Hunting!