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Lead A Day Club 9.28.2020

lad lead a day Sep 28, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

 I have a conversation:

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Dial all the people in your Database you can in 28 minutes. Expect to leave 6 messages for every 1 you reach live.

Here is the message. Adapt it for the person you reach live:

 "This is _____, I’m sorry I’m missed you... hmm... I really wanted to talk to you sometime soon ( pause ) because I've been looking... and it looks like your house may be… the thing is… I think it' probably worth….  a LOT more than you think!

You know what? I hate to leave this on a message but… I’d really like to give you a good update on the real market value of this house.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of selling… I just want to do this for you. 

As part of the service I give my special clients like you I keep you up to date.  And You really should just see this value.... Just for your own knowledge.  And I don't mind.

I’d also like to look at it or I can just FaceTime with you to see if it’s not a good time for me to come over… so I’m super accurate on the valuation. It would me nice to just catch up too!

Give me a call back so we can schedule that. It’s something I really want to do for you. Hope you all are doing well. Give me a call back. (Name, number)


And... for my true story of the day:

Mike and I are involved with our church and in part with a 2nd church we used to attend. We are involved and give generously. And we keep in good communication with the ministers and other leadership at both churches. NOT for the purpose of business… we sincerely like them and spend time with them, yet, business is an added benefit to this part of our lives.

Both ministers have referred us to a number of transactions over the last few years.  Mostly listings but also some buyers moving to the area from out of town. One purchased a new home from a development we sent them by few years ago. The  more people that use us, the more often others refer to us.  We are in the church business directory too and have one direct sale from there too.

Here's the question: What are YOU a part of and have enough trust and relationship with the people there… so that people in positions to refer others to you, do that?