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Lead A Day 9.24.2020

lead a day Sep 24, 2020
Fundamental Mindset Shift
What is your dream? What do you do this work for? Who benefits from your success other than just yourself? Your family? Your kids? Your parents? Your church? Your community? Get a dream...

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Pick up the phone and call EVERY person you should have talked to this year and haven't, wishing them a Happy Fall (it started Sept 22) and asking if you can be of service to them in any way over the next 3 months.

No crazy script. Nothing fancy. Come from a spirit of contribution.

Some of my clients do this now and ask if they can deliver a pie the day or two before Thanksgiving and if so, what type - pumpkin or apple or pecan?


One of our new coaching clients offers a "Free Pie Contest" to his Farm area and people submit a request to “win” a pie.  Of course, everyone that submits “wins" one, and he gets to call them saying “You Won!”  They come to his nearby office to pick up their pies on 1 of 2 days during certain hours and he gets to see them in person… It’s a fun few days and he gets a lot of mileage from it twice a year (before T-day... and before 4th of July - cherry or apple” - Brilliant.

Many people go away for the holiday, but appreciate the offer... and you.

Others get to say "My Realtor is bringing me an apple pie the day before Thanksgiving!"

If you have a local market or bakery famous for pies, order from them in a bulk discount. Get your counts now and you'll get an even better deal :)

Now... you don't have to give away a pie... you can just offer service... but it is a nice touch. ;)

True Story:

Shortbread Cookies = 5 listings

One of our Agents made homemade shortbread cookies for her clients each year. She wrapped them in cellophane, but a custom ribbon with her business card threaded through, and a cute homemade sticker on them, delivering between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last year she worked with us before moving away, she got FIVE listings in Dec and Jan from leads she got directly from the people she gave the cookies too that year. Yum Yum.