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Lead A Day 9.22.2020

lead a day Sep 22, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Gosh... so many of these this week are about WORKING!
I mean... Donna.... do we REALLY have to work??
Oh, I don't know... how much do you want to MAKE???

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Imagine for 5 minutes that you had a big amount of money to spend on your business…. And your ONLY job was to hire someone for a job to do for you.
The pay was an annual salary of $450,000. Got that imagined? 
You are a wealthy business-owner and you're hiring this person to pay them nearly HALF OF A MILLION a year. 
One of the perks is they can take 4-7 vacations a year, as long as everything was handled while they were away. 
Nice job, right?

Now... part of the deal was they pay their own expenses... their gas, car, phone, clothes, continuing-ed, business cards, signs, marketing and office materials, postage…. Heck they'd even have to have an assistant or two and an office space out of that salary. Clear?

Got it imagined? Great.

What would you expect from them?

How would you expect them to dress? What kind of car should they drive, representing you an all? What about the quality of their materials and staff?

Would you expect them to follow a schedule and be on time? Never miss an appointment? Be super prepared?

Would you expect them to maintain meticulous records? Do 100% follow-up with energy and enthusiasm?

Today's LAD is about the mindset of YOU.  If you aren't making over $450K a year, the first step is to begin ACTING like someone that does.

If your average price is mid $300K and your average commission around $7K that is about 75 deals a year or 6-7 a month. That's barely over a deal a week. Can you imagine that?

Start BEING the person today that you want to be. Do the work. What will YOU commit to start with?

True Story today:

Mike and his mom knocked on 15,000 doors in our community each 3 years. They did it over ONE year and then took a break for 2 years, then did it again. 

They did this for 12 years, or 4 rounds. Every time they did it, people would say "I remember you from last year.” 

The first round they ended up with a few good listings and sales. The next round tripled it. By the 3rd round they did over 50 deals related to that door knocking. It is work. 

Are you willing to put in the time and the work and REPEAT IT like the floors of stairs above until you get to the top?


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