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Lead A Day 9.11.2020

lead a day Sep 11, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


Great words from Seth Godin. See below how we can apply this today.


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

I'm hoping that by now you, if you've been with us all year, at LEAST have a habit of opening and reading your Lead A Day suggestion each day.

What I'd like you to consider next is to make yourself a promise.

DECIDE to Lead Generate/Follow Up a minimum # of minutes a day, no matter what.

Maybe it's not 28 minutes. Maybe it's 2.8 minutes.

Maybe its 38 minutes. Maybe it's 48 minutes. Maybe it's 58.

PICK A MINIMUM for yourself to commit to for the rest of the month... and begin creating the HABIT of doing what you say you will do.

How many days in a row can you go?

Don't know what to do? Go reach out to the last 10 people who reached out to you last. Check your cell phone, your voice mail, your email. (Ignore the spam, but if you know them, reach back.)

Here's my story for today:

Picture this... I'm 24, with 2 little kids at home and a personal loan taken to pay a sitter for 6 months. I had to succeed. I HAD to. No experience, just guts. I called, I knocked, I sat opens (Other people's when I didn't have a listing.) My goal was to get people's contact info so I could begin following up. I didn't care if they wanted to buy/sell now... only if SOMEDAY they would.

Today's story was how I called for-RENT-by-owners and discovered about half of them were expired listings that had given up on selling, but then also couldn't rent it, so they were ready to list again. I took 3 listings my 2nd month in the business doing this. Call, ask if they would consider selling instead of renting, meet them at the property and do your pitch. It worked for me!