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Lead A Day 9.10.2020

lead a day Sep 10, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Ouch! Tough truth is, that our failures do have one thing in common, right? (yep, us...)


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

How I generated a lead personally first... and then some helpful suggestions below related to the above Box of Crayons Provocation.

When I first started in Real Estate my first Manager told me to call everyone I knew and ask them if they knew anyone that might need to buy or sell soon. So, I did it. I only knew a few people. Turned out my brother in law knew someone from work that wanted to sell. So I took my manager with me and we listed the house for $59,900. (This was 1986). Then I knocked every door in the neighborhood (about 250 doors) on a Saturday and invited them to a Sunday Open House. On Sunday, one of the neighbors brought a friend to see it and they bought it. Brand new Agent to Listing Taken to Double sided Sale to closing in 35 days.

Might you simply consider doing that this week? Sometimes simple is best.

Here are some reasons you may be failing that are SO easy to correct:

• Not getting up at the same time every day. Solution: Set an alarm and get up.

• Not making your bed. Solution: Make your bed every day. If you do nothing else right, you've done that. And no matter how badly the day may go, you come back to something you did right.

• Not eating something for breakfast. Solution: It doesn't have to be elaborate. A banana with peanut butter toast is fine. Or an English muffin with some cheese. Or an apple and cheese. Or even a slice of last night's pizza.

• Not setting aside SOME period of time to generate leads each day. Solution: DO it each day without fail. Make sure you talk to at least ONE new person and FIVE follow ups a day. MINIMUM without going to bed unless it's done.

How about right now? Close this up, and call or email or mail, or text or social media post/chat. Reach out to SOMEONE. For 28 minutes just reach out with a spirit of contribution and see if there is some soul out there than NEEDS what you offer.

Want to know a secret? There is one. Waiting for you.



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