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Lead A Day 8.27.2020

lead a day Aug 27, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Practice SPIN Selling today. What is it? Here you go in a 28- minute Nutshell


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Your 28 minutes today are keeping this in front of you and using it with your calls today. Yes, calls. Call some leads and use this.

I hate the name of the process SPIN selling. Sounds shady... but it's not. S-P-I-N is just an acronym for a VERY powerful 4 step tool you should know and use.

Your potential clients will only be motivated to hire you or buy from you if they are clear about their NEED. You'd think by the time they get to us they know their need, but often they do NOT. The questions you ask may determine if they do anything at all... and if they do, the salesperson that helped them see clearly, is the one they want to hire.

I recommend the book, the audiobook or the crib notes. But if you don't want to take the time, here you go:

S - Situation Questions. What is their situation? YOU doing research about them in advance can really help with the questions you ask. Are you at least googling your potential clients? How questions can be helpful here. How did your taxes turn out this year with no mortgage deduction? How do you like living in an apartment/your mom's house? How are you managing your payments now? How is it like living with that staircase? How's that commute?

P - Problem Questions. The S questions often identify the problem. Asking more about the problem is the next step. Getting them to acknowledge the problem that needs fixing causes them to lean in and listen better to a solution you might have. What's the biggest challenge for you with (the problem)? How has your temporary solution been working for you so far?

I - Implication Questions. We want to help the potential client be EAGER for a solution. They must identify this themselves. You simply ask the questions to get them to say it. What will it be like a year from now if you still (have the problem)? If you don't sell/buy what will you do instead? If rates were to go up, could you afford a higher payment? How much time do you have until (time deadline like school starts)?

N - Need/Payoff Questions. This is where you help the prospect to see the value your solution is to their problem. They must specify the benefits themselves. Ask, not tell. They need to evoke emotion, relief, the feeling their problem can be solved. This also reduces objections. Why is it important for you to be (in your new home/city/job) by (date)? How would you feel if you could get that accomplished by (date)? What impact would (solution) have on your life? If you could see the process from today to (their goal) clearly, how would that help you now?

Long one today, but important. Print, Save, and if you want to talk to us about Coaching, this is one of the things we could work on together... Just sayin'.