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Lead A Day Club 11.03.2020

lad lead a day Nov 03, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

"If you knew of a lead generation system that cost very little, helped you meet more clients face-to-face than real estate websites, apps, search engines or social networking, and allowed you to meet prospects this week,

would you use it?"

- Coach Mike Stott

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Spend 28 minutes today setting up to do THIS

Choose an Area with at least 100 homes in it.  BEST ONES ARE:

  • An Area with an OLDER demographic
  • An Area you recently sold 1 or more homes in
  • Your own Neighborhood
  • The Neighborhood you want to move to

Obtain Food Pantry Bags for Canned Goods - PLUS IT by having your own Bags Printed - Paper OR Canvas - with your CONTACT INFO ON THEM

Create a small give-away  - like branded note pads with a magnet for the fridge - and a sweet treat in a cellophane bag -  to drop off with the food pantry bags... and a cover letter.
KNOCK DOORS with your mask and say you are the local Realtor collecting canned foods for your local food pantry before the holidays and just want to leave this to pick up in a week IF they decide to participate. Stress it’s TOTALLY optional and to keep the bag if they can't. Thank them for thinking about it and hand the bag and bonus give away. 

SOME will chat with you. Ask how long there. Ask if staying forever or if a move might be coming in their future.  TAKE NOTES.  Send a follow up note reminding when you come back for the bags. 

One client just started this and got THREE leads in her first 63 doors. How about you try it? VOLUNTEERING is one of best ways you meet people. And meeting people is what developing a GREAT COI is all about. 


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