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Lead a Day Club 07.26.2021 - Take ACTION!

lad lead a day Jul 26, 2021


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

We're almost to the end of 31 days of phone calls and there are specific Instructions today:

  1. Open your database. You all have one. Even if it's the contact list on your phone, a Rolodex, or a stack of index cards or file folders.
  2. If you have people identified with a Next Contact date, pull those up and organize by the due date. Any overdue? What? The first one was supposed to be contacted in 2009?? It's OK. Breathe. [If you don't have them organized like that, don't worry, go to the * at the bottom]
  3. Dial the first number. Wrong #? It's ok. Ask the person that answers if they live locally and tell them you sell real estate and fate must have brought you together... ask if they need to sell or buy (Yes, I got a listing from the wrong number once).
  4. Spend the remaining 28 minutes calling the rest due TODAY and work your way backward. (But the oldest one WAS fun, wasn't it?)
  5. Schedule a next date for each one you try and don't reach.
  6. For those, you reach create a next contact date or make "done". (Don't delete) *Not organized by the due date? Just hit "sort" or start with the first one in the stack.
NO EMAILING TODAY in these 28 minutes. Phone calls only.
Take the action starting NOW!