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Lead A Day Club 04.02.2021

lad lead a day Apr 02, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's 28-minute Lead Generation idea: Write 5 thank you notes

In today's bustling world of e-mails, Facebook, and professionally produced advertising - one of the most overlooked ways to get a lead's attention is to send a handwritten note.

Who can you send a note to?

People who visited an open house. (be SURE you ask for Mailing Address from Open House attendees)

  • A vendor who did a good job.
  • The tech at the nail or hair salon mentioned they might be thinking of buying a home.
  • The FSBO was nice.
  • The Expired who seemed frustrated.

The list is endless.

Send 5 handwritten notes out today and be sure to enclose 2-3 business cards asking people to put those in their wallets to share with others! Do this consistently and you be surprised at what it generates.

If you send out a note that's particularly effective – send us the wording to post on the Your Coaching Matters Facebook page!