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Lead A Day Club 04.01.2021

lad lead a day Apr 01, 2021

The Biggest Winners in the game of Real Estate Sales are MOST interested in the Big Goals. The WOWza Goals.

Less interesting is the exact HOWS.

Being 100% clear and attached to things like "Abundance, Relationships, Success, Health and so on, will help you in making the little daily decisions of "how" with a lot more clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Being less attached to the "how" allows things you had no idea would happen to come to you!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today marks the start of the 2nd Quarter in 2021!

Here are 3 questions to answer in the first 8 of your 28 minutes today:

  1. Did I CLOSE 25% of my Annual Goal in # of transactions before today?
  2. Did I CLOSE 25% of my Annual Goal in Income?
  3. What was my BEST source of business in the 1st Quarter?

Now, spend the remaining 20 minutes trying to duplicate that success.

AFTER your 28 minutes today, I highly recommend you make a 2nd Quarter plan that puts you on track at mid-year for your Annual Goal! What will it take?